We are an exclusive community of founders and underdog funders investing in the private sale of crypto projects in the early stage.

Token Rich Network Token (TRNT) is launching soon on July 7th. Don't miss out!

Token Rich Network Token (TRNT) is required to login and participate in private sales. A wallet must already hold at least 1 TRNT token to buy the TRNT token.
Therefore, each wallet needs to be ‘referred’ by another simply by receiving at least 1 TRNT token sent from the referrer.
Wallets that ‘refers’ other wallets (by sending a wallet its first TRNT token) receive 5% of all buys of every wallet it refers.

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Token Rich Network is a mission-driven founders and funders network collaborating to solve crypto venture biggest challenges.

Giving underdog founders and funders a chance to thrive in the crypto ecosystem.

Protecting the interest of Investors against project rug pull with smart contracts and KYC that works.

Protecting projects against dump exit by early investors.

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